Stephen Coonts


“ The Sea Witch” by Stephen Coonts is a collection of three different stories:

“The Sea Witch” – Is a really nice story about WW II bomber pilot.

“The 17th Day”- chilling story about WW I pilots , who flew “paper plains” with so many mechanical issues, that it is scary to think about getting them into the air and flying let alone flying them into the battle.

“Al Jihad”- somewhat unrealistic story of an Air Force pilot, who stole a plane and flew in to Middle East to kill a terrorist group as revenge for killing her parents.

This is first book by Coonts I read, wasn’t bad. I love good war stories, I even enjoyed his (maybe too long) technical description of planes. He has a little bit of a strange style of writing,  that I cannot quite figure out if I like it or not yet, but plan to read more of his books.


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