Nelson Demille



Nelson DeMille
I have read many books written by DeMille and most of them I have truly enjoyed. Many of his books are written in the first person, which I like because I like to “move along” with the main character, it makes it more
“personal”. I also like his style, he uses lots of dry humor and sarcasm but not to the point that it is annoying. His characters are generally complex individuals, and experts in their professions but also rebels, who do not like to play by the rules.
The author also likes to use unconventional ending, sometimes inconclusive, giving the reader “ the freedom” to make up the next chapters of his books.
Interesting note about DeMille- he sometimes names his characters in his books after individuals who are willing to contribute to different charities- I think this is a great idea and I wish more writers would do the same.
The first DeMille book I read was “Mayday” it was over 15r ago. The book is about a jumbo passenger jet that was hit by a missile launched by the government. The book focuses on three heroes who are trying to land the plane despite the government trying to cover up that it was their missile. That book has everything you want to see in a suspense novel, fast action, horrific events and human heroics.
After “Mayday” I got “hooked” on DeMille’s books.
The John Sutter two book series : “The Gold Coast” and “The Gate House” ,though separated by 18yrs are very good and well connected. I read them in 2009 one after the other and I thought I could place them in my “All star categories” . John Sutter a Wall street lawyer, his “aristocratic” wife Susan and mafia Don Frank Bellarosa , created crazy , entwined, story were two worlds crashed with their opposites and similarities creating the middle area where both worlds try to exist together. These books are full of humor, sex , crime, and many surprises and somewhat unexpected events.
If you feel like reading Nelson DeMille’s books start with “The Gold Coast” it will give you a good glance into the authors style of writing.
DeMille also wrote two other good series that I read:
Paul Brenner Books ( “The General’s Daughter”, “Up Country”) – books separated by 10 yr about US Army Investigator.
John Corey books- (“ Plum Island” , “The Lion’s Game”, “Night Fall”, “Wild Fire”, “The Lion” , and “The Panther”)- John Corey is a NYPD detective who is temporarily working with the FBI
Both series are good reads about crimes (Brenner) or terrorism (Corey) , great suspense , fast action , good humor. They are like puzzles that we are invited to solve along with the books characters. What I like about DeMille’s books is that they are somewhat realistic, sometimes scary realistic and that is one of the reasons that keeps me coming back to his novels.
If you do not feel like staring with a series I would recommend “Spencerville”– stand alone book by DeMille , that is very typical of his writing, the realistic characters, fast pace, suspense makes for a good reading.
The last book by Nelson DeMille I read ( May 2014) was the “Quest”– I was very excited when I found out that this book was just released in 2013 ( he published the original version in 1975 and rewrote in 2013). As much as I am a fan of Nelson DeMille I think that this is the worst book I read by him. The thriller / love story is about two journalists Vivian Smith and Henry Mercado and a mercenary Frank Purcell (soldier / journalist – I still have no idea who he was), who were reporting on a War in Ethiopia when they stumbled on a dying priest, who 40 years earlier had seen a Holy Grail in a supper remote monastery. The three journalists decided to make their life’s mission to find the Grail, so they traveled through a war struck and later the Communist Ethiopia, risking their lives in search of it. There was lots of confusing parts, where I could not figure out who they really were, the beautiful Vivian was sleeping with Mercado then Frank, then back to Mercado then Frank again and somehow they all stayed friends. They seem to have different reasons for their quest but I had hard time to grasp what their reasons were. Some of the dialog and descriptions were so long that it was challenging to get through it without yawning (especially in the middle of the book). Even the ending was confusing, maybe I am not smart enough and maybe DeMille had some “deeper meaning” in this story but I did not get it.
Overall, I am a big fan of Nelson DeMille, he is one of my favorite writers with several books in my collection. With exception of “The Quest, I would recommend all of his books to anyone who is looking for suspense and mystery books.

“Radiant Angel” is book number 7 in the John Corey saga and is by far the weakest book in this series. I am a huge fan of Nelson DeMille’s writing , I read all his books and with the exception of the “The Quest” I love them all. I could not wait for “Radiant Angel” to become available, but it was a disappointment.

The book started great, John Corey the ex NYPD Detective / FBI Agent and now agent of the Diplomatic Surveillance Group was assigned to “babysit” Russian diplomats. The job seems to be low key, less stress and definitely less dangerous than his previous assignments. But things quickly changed when Corey realized that the Russian colonel Vasily Petrov was planning a nuclear attack on US soil. From the first page I was “hooked”, on the typical DeMille’s fashion, fast action , funny conversation, and the irritating but charming character of John Corey got me excited about this novel. However, the more the story developed the book the more boring it became( I can’t believe I am saying that DeMille book was boring!!), there was a lot of “what if” and monologues about planning somethings. The characters were always talking or thinking about what is going to happen or what may be happening e.t.c.  The action really slows down; I felt that the story would never get to the end. The finale was OK, somewhat predictable and left an opening to the next book in the series.

If you like Nelson DeMille writing, this book may be little disappointing but I still love his writing style, his patriotism and creativity. I strongly believe that his next book will be great!





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