Laura Hillenbrand

Laura Hillenbrand, Photo by John Huba


Laura Hillenbrand


I have only read one book by Laura Hillenbrand , but it was one of the most memorable book I have ever read. The “Unbroken” is a fascinating story of a War World II hero Louis Zamperini.

I typically do not read biographies, but this book exceeded all of my expectations. Louis’s life story is fascinating. He grew up in poor, working class family, who became a great athlete and joined the Air Force- this part of the book was good and captivating. Reading about his training regiment (I myself have a soft spot for Track & Field , being involved with this sport for over 20 yr), was really interesting. The masterful way the author described Louis’s struggle, progress, and achievements kept me glued to the pages, but this was just the beginning.

The second part of this novel was even better. From the moment Zamperini’s airplane gets  shot down all the way to the end of the book , I could not stop reading. I had to go to a library and rent a book on CD so I could listen in my car on the way to work and on my lunch break. It was mind boggling to learn about the life of Louis Zamperini in the Japanese prison. Learning about the abuse and the inhuman behavior of the Japanese soldiers and at the same time you see the bravery, patriotism and resilient of the American soldiers was amazing. Hillenbrand did fantastic job writing this book, she does not stray from the subject and there is not one boring moment in it.
After reading “Unbroken” , I researched the history of Louis Zamperini , staring at his picture for a long time, feeling his pain and suffering, wanting to shake his hand and say Thank you for your service to this county.
I know there is a movie coming soon based on this book and I hope it will be as good as the original. I am happy that the life of Louis Zamperini will be exposed to a bigger audience

Here are some pictures of real live of Louis Zamperini – Check it out!


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