Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstong

In the beginning, I was not sure if I wanted to read Kelley Armstrong books. I had checked a few reviews on line and I was not convinced if her books would be something I would enjoy to read. I am a big fan of Science Fiction and fantasy novels, but I am also very picky with what I read in this category because in the sci-fi group, there is lots of really bad books and I am honestly surprised that  they were even published ( I think it is even worst with the moves!!). However, I am glad I gave Kelley Armstrong a chance.

It is actually very hard to summarize Armstrong’s book because the story lines cross over into different books. Her most popular books about werewolves (recently made into a TV series), is part of thirteen novels in her Women of the Otherworld series. I think the author did a fantastic job turning the reader into a “fan” of werewolves ( at least it worked on me!!). Everyone in their right mind would be pretty skeptical of being a fan of a guy who occasionally changes in to a beast and runs around the woods chasing foxes or killing a “bambi” . However, the author skillfully builds the relationship between the reader and the pack of werewolves, by describing their traditions and the rules they live by, like the self policing system, where the bad individuals are hunted and often killed by the pack. Werewolves live among humans and mind their own business and typically do not bother humans. Of course there would be no story if all the werewolves would be such a nice puppies. The whole story is about the pack of werewolves who is enforcing their ancient rules on mutts ( the individuals who do not want to live by the packs rules and cause trouble for people and other werewolves) .  By introducing Elena Michaels, the only female werewolf (it was believed that women cannot be werewolves because only male genes carry this genetic feature, and women cannot survive a bite by the werewolf), Armstrong brought an element of love and sacrifice into the series. The on and off relationship between Elena and Clayton Danvers who is the man who bit her (without her permission) gave the series another dimension and made it more fun to read.

As I said before is not easy to write about Kelley Armstrong books I read (over 20) without writing about individual books because where the one story ends another begins, and then is going back to the original, but so far I have enjoyed reading them. Her books about werewolves , witches , sorcerers, demos and vampires are inserted in the contemporary North American life, so sometimes in the middle of the night if I hear strange noise, it makes me think and may be little shiver!!

If anyone would like to start reading Armstrong books, I would suggest to do some research on the website to pick the sequence of the books to read, because it could be somewhat confusing.


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