Jo Nesbo


“The Son” by Jo Nesbo- big disappointment. I read several reviews about Jo Nesbo so I was hoping for a really good thriller, but the book was not that good and sometimes just plain silly!

This book is about Sonny Lofthus a son of a police officer who committed suicide. Sonny, while in prison (he admitted to crimes he did not commit, in exchange for an unlimited supply of heroin, by the corrupted police and prison personnel), discovers the truth about his father’s death, escapes from prison and dedicates the rest of his life to track down the people responsible for his father’s death. The topic sound very interested but the book itself was lousy.

I had to listen this book on CD while traveling and I barely made it through. Maybe there was something lost in translation, but if it were for not the subject (murder, drugs etc.) I had the feeling that I was listening a kid’s book. Often the conversations were strange and silly for example: the murderers and drug dealers sitting in the bar and discussing a kidnapping and selling a young Asian girl to a sexual predator. They are getting the drinks served and one of the killers said “ no thank you I am driving” . O my God!!  I could not stop laughing. Other example Sonny escaped from prison so the police were looking for him , and the killers were looking for him – they look everywhere but not in his house ( they made one visit to his house , decided that he is not there and did not check again) – come on!!! There were several more moments like this, I do not want to spoil it for anyone who is planning to read it, but believe me some of the moments are just comical.

There were a lot of unnecessary characters and long conversations about nothing. I finished the book for only one reason, I wanted to know how this story would end. The ending was OK, but still with strange twists that did not make a lot of sense to me.


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