Diane Ackerman



“The Zookeeper’s Wife” – book by Diane Ackerman. This book should be “close to my hart” , I grow up in Poland and my degree is in Animals Husbandry, so the subject of the book is very related to my background.   I also know a lot about World War II, since I was a kid we learned about the Nazis and Holocaust so this book  did not suddenly opened my eyes about the cruelty of Germans Soldiers or the horrors of war,  or even the details of the underground Polish army.  But I have to say that I had never thought about the impact of the war on animals and zookeepers. It was a good book, the story of Antonina Zabinski and her husband Jan who run the Warsaw’s Zoo before the war. This book give lots of details about the war from different points of view, from the hardship of daily life in the occupied Poland, the political maneuvers and scheming of the German government.  It gives good insight of the resistance, perseverance and creativity of Polish people while fighting Nazis and the impact of the War on animals ( from surviving to genetics).  Overall this book was not boring it has dull moments and sometimes I could not keep my concentration.  A lot of names and details that were hard to follow, but I would recommend to anyone who has interest in history of the WWII.


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