Allan Folsom


Allan Folsom

“The Machiavelli Covenant”– my first book written by Allan Folsom.

This book is about a former LA Detective, Nicholas Marten, who’s ex-wife asked him on her death bed to investigate the deaths of her husband and son because she was sure her family was murdered (even though on the surface it did not look like it)

This book started well, it was moving fast, the plot was interesting and gradually was getting more and more “thick”.  Started with single family murder and turned into to a huge conspiracy, involving genocide in the scale not even Hitler could not imagine. However in  the middle of the book, it was getting boring. The action was still fast but not going anywhere, I felt disconnected, there were many different plots,  and they were jumping back and forward. The conspiracy theory ( which I typically enjoy to read) was getting too crazy. It got so unreal that it was getting on my nerves. The only corrupted person missing was the Pope! The book was a combination of the Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones but not nearly that well written or intriguing. Overall, I think Folsom had a good idea. The concept was great but the delivery needed to be better. 50 less pages it would be good start.


I know I did this backwards.  I read “The Machiavelli Covenant” before “The Exile”, but I was curious what happened to John Barron before he became Nicholas Marten. At the beginning of the book was pretty good, it took us thru the transformation of John to Nicholas, is was smooth, somewhat realistic and satisfied my interest. But after that, this the novel went down very quickly. For some reason the author is trying to introduce some big internarial crises (as in “The Machiavelli Covenant”) and Nicolas has the weight of the world on his shoulders. I think Folsom has a good idea but should keep it on more of a micro them macro scale. The story became so unrealistic that it was hard to read it without feeling like I am reading sci-fi book.  Some of the stuff just did not make much sense.


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