About me

Reading has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I remember my first grade teacher sitting with me in the school library, helping me to select books I could read. With the passing time, I developed many other interests, but I always found the time to relax and read a book. With the responsibilities of the adult life it got harder to sit down and read for hours. But with the developing technology and audio-books in the last 10 yr’s I have managed to read or listen to over 500 books. Many times during social gathering’s I would talk about the books I have read, and people would ask me if I could recommend  a book or an author I like to them. I decided to set up a basic website where I can share some of my observations and opinions. It is physically impossible for me to go back and review all the books I have read, so I will be sharing my generic opinions on the authors I have been reading, and will also review in more details the latest books I have been working on.

I would like to make two short comments:

  • What I post on my website is strictly my personal opinion, I do not pretend to know much about the art of writing books, I am simply a book reader who would likes to share his opinion with whoever is so kind to visit my web site.
  • As a rule, I will try not to write too many details about books I am reviewing, and definitely I will not reveal the endings to be sure I will not spoil the fun for anyone who is planning to read the some books I did.
  • English is not my first language, so I hope you can forgive me for my own writing skills, I’ll do the best not to offend  the “linguistic experts”

Thank you



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